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  • Prof Jan R. Krause

Communication training for Etex Nordics: "At eye level with architects"

Sales staff, product managers and technical experts from Equitone in Sweden, Denmark and Norway attended our training programme in Copenhagen. They came to get a better understanding of how architects think, act and make decisions.

A central theme was how sustainability influences architects' choice of materials. For this reason, we invited Jørn Kiesslinger from Lendager to give a keynote lecture. The German-Danish architect is one of the greatest specialists in circular building concepts and experimental design strategies. Jørn was also an inspiring sparring partner for 1:1 conversations with sales staff to provide deeper insights into the working and thinking process of an architect.

Interactive live exercises enabled the participants to enter into a dialogue with an architect. They trained to open, lead and close a conversation. Afterwards, we analysed the conversations on a verbal and non-verbal level. In addition, the Glostrup Park Hotel in Copenhagen, designed by Dissing+Weitling, provided a fantastic opportunity to discuss and understand the architects' conceptual thinking and detailed decisions. We experienced the Equitone team from Etex Nordics as curious and open-minded façade experts who took a big step towards architectural and sustainability communication that day.


You want to train sales, marketing or product management to communicate with architects at eye level - get in touch with us...! We will develop the right concept with you, moderate workshops and train your team to speak the architect's language.


Our services for this project

· Training concept

· Content and procedure of the workshop

· Researching the profile of Etex Nordics, Equitone and their competitors

· Impulse lectures on the job profile of architects

· Briefing of the speaker

· Documentation of the workshop

· Conclusions and recommendations


office for architectural thinking

Jan R. Krause

Maurizio Intini


Etex Nordics | Equitone


Live-Exercise and impulse lecture: Jørn Kiesslinger, Lendager Group


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